THE MOUSETRAP is a proven commercial and artistic global success and one of the most profitable theatre productions of all time, having played to visitors from around the world since 1952 in London’s West End.

To mark its 60th anniversary in 2012, THE MOUSETRAP launched a UK tour which earned excellent reviews and sold out a range of venues from intimate 400-seat theatres to the magnificent Edinburgh Playhouse (the UK’s largest theatre, with over 3,000 seats).

In that same year, the show enjoyed 60 additional productions across the globe in a wide variety of local languages.

Some territories have cast local stars to drive advance sales, as the West End production did in 1952 with its initial casting of husband-and-wife team Richard Attenborough and Sheila Sim. For the 60th Anniversary Gala performance in London, Patrick Stewart, Julie Walters, Hugh Bonneville and others joined the show for one night only. But the play itself is a star in its own right, and a reliance on big names to sell out has never been necessary.


“Vous aimez les pulls à motifs criards, les costumes en tartan, l’ambiance chaleureuse des pensions de famille? Vous savez tenir votre langue, même si l’envie de vendre la mèche vous brûle les lèvres? Aloes ce spectacle est fait pour vous!
Au suspense de rigueur, le spectacle ajoute une bonne dose d’humour, un soupçon de comedie musicale, une jovialite cocasse. C’est enlevé, réjouis sant, et cela enchante le public 7 à 77 ans.”

Elle, December 2019

“impérissable tradition britannique.
l'oeuvre à miraculeusement resiste au temps.
elle est la partie immuable de l'Angleterre.
nostalgie et exotisme sont donc les deux resorts de son success.
un grain de fantaisie, un peu de piment dans ce produit suivi et imperissable.”

Le Figaro Philippe Tesson, September 2019

“qu'on ait trouvé la solution de l'énigme avant la fin ou pas (pour les fans de polar, c’est possible), on sort le sourire aux lèvres de ce réjouissant piège assassin.“

les Echos

“Agatha Christie au coin du deu à la Pépinière
Un divertissement soigné et de qualité qui remplit sa mission”

Yesterday at the theatre, September 2019

“tant le spectacle est délicieusement retors et espiègle”

Fille de Paname, January 2020

“c’est sans soute la pièce la plus importante mais aussi las plus mythique de las “Reine du crime”.”

Redaction Culture – France Televisions, September 2019


As the world’s benchmark for theatrical murder mystery, THE MOUSETRAP is deceptively simple in its formula. Its classic story has been imitated many times, but never surpassed.

As news spreads of a murder in London, a group of seven strangers find themselves snowed in at a countryside guesthouse. When a young detective arrives, the guests discover – to their horror – that the killer is in their midst!

As the plot twists unfold, the characters’ identities and backgrounds are revealed. Through to the play’s shocking climax, audiences remain on the edge of their seats as they try to figure out “whodunnit?”


While there are certain traits the 8 actors must portray, it has become evident over 70 years of performances that Christie’s script and characterization allow for great flexibility of the interpretation and embodiment of each role. Innovative casting choices provide a way to bring depth, diversity and uniqueness to every production of THE MOUSETRAP.

8 Characters, In Order of Appearance:


Although your team is encouraged to create their own design for the set, elements of the plot hinge on the story’s location. The look is that of an old, slightly shabby, English country home. At its simplest, THE MOUSETRAP calls for a single standing set with a number of windows and doorways. It can be built from scratch or from stock elements, should you have them available. UK productions have been presented on stages ranging from 8m x 5m to 15m x 15m, so you have the flexibility to make your production as grand or as modest as you need.

The Great Hall at Monkswell Manor, as described by Agatha Christie:

There are tall windows Upstage Centre; a big arched opening Upstage Right leading to the entrance hall, the front door and the kitchen; and an arched opening Upstage Left leading upstairs to the bedrooms. Upstage Left leading off the stairs is the door to the library; Downstage Left is the door to the drawing room; Downstage Right is the door (opening on stage) to the dining room. Stage Right is an open fireplace, and beneath the window Upstage Centre is a window seat and a radiator.

This is another area to incorporate new design ideas from your team. The London production uses modern designs with a distinct 1940s/1950s period style, but the play’s exact time period is described simply as “the Present” by Ms. Christie, leaving the costume design quite open to various interpretations.

We have recently undergone a stylish re-branding for The Mousetrap in the West End, and invite you to use our new marketing materials, should you so choose. Once agreement is in place we will share a link to layered artwork that you can use to suite your needs.

Please see an example of the assets available to licensed productions.



Licensing a play or musical for performance is an important part of the process of making theatre. When you license a show, you are providing a living wage for writers and helping safeguard their work.

Some territories may be licensed automatically, with no restrictions. Other territories require additional conversation and may be restricted. Also, the Licensing fees often vary from title to title. These are also based on the category of your performing group be that Amateur, Education or Professional.

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Do I need a license?

Any performance of a work under copyright for an audience must be licensed, regardless of whether or not admission is charged, whether the performance is public or private, and whether or not it is for charity or gain.

Why do I need to license my production?

Licensing your shows ensures that playwrights and composers are being fairly compensated for the use of their work.

How do I get a license?

You may apply online via any title page. Please remember that your License Agreement is not executed until we have received full payment of the licensing fees. Purchase Orders are not considered payment.

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